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Course summary

  • Type MOOC course
  • Period Always open
  • Learning Time Study freely
  • Course approval method Automatic approval
  • Certificate Issue Online
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Instructor Introduction

  • Erik Demaine

    Erik Demaine 교수는 2001년에 워털루대학 박사학위를 수료하였고 그 해에 MIT 사상 최연소 교수로 재임했습니다. 주요 연구 분야는 algorithms, computational geometry, data structures 등입니다.

  • Srini Devadas

    Srini Devadas 교수는 현재 MIT 컴퓨터과학 교수로 재임중이며 MIT 최고 학부 교육상을 두번 수상하셨습니다. 주요 연구분야는 computer architecture, computer security 등 입니다.

Additional Info

번역 및 내용 감수 총괄: 정호영(코드스쿼드) 
번역: 한상은, 신범수, 이수윤, 천근영, 한찬규, 박준희, 조아영, 권오준, 김하경, 이창윤, 조형준, 박정빈 (커넥트 번역서포터즈)

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